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Oklahoma factories to visit and tour

Oklahoma has factories to visit and tour. Below, first are the active, working factories. The next section has historical operations which often have demonstrations or renactments. These incluse both large and small operations, from several person chocolate factories and cheesemakers to large manufacturers making paper towels, wood products, beverage cans and bottles, are open to the public with real tours, exhibitions and fun education.

In some cases, such as a manufacturing process that is no longer in use, the only way to see it and learn about it is a museum or living history center. So, we also provide information about engineering facilities and museums, dinosaur digs, even government facilities, like NASA, astronomy oberservatories and more that are open to the public on certain days and times. And if there is some place that is just plain fun to visit, we add that, too!

These are perfect for homeschooling, for STEM and for fun! Kids love visiting these places! They're learning and getting an education without even realizing it. And most of these are either free or under $10! What's better then fun, entertaining, good for children and families, educational and free?

Here are some of the top factory tours in Oklahoma and contact information and tips about visiting them.

Factories, Engineering, Museums and other fun demonstrations and exhibits to visit in Oklahoma

  • Amazon Fulfillment Center - tour of the facility
    OKC1: Amazon Fulfillment Center, 9201 S Portland Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73159.
    BOOK ON THEIR WEBSITE. Each tour is approximately 60-90 minutes long. On the tour you may walk up and down at least one flight of stairs and walk approximately 1 mile. Amazon says "Ever wondered what happens when you shop on Amazon? Book a free walking tour of an Amazon warehouse and see how our people and technology deliver for customers." The also have the following recommendations and requirements:
    Arrive Early - arrive 15 minutes prior to your tour.
    Attire - All guests must wear flat, closed-toed, and closed-heeled shoes (no sandals, clogs or high heels). We recommend wearing comfortable shoes or sneakers. Additionally, long hair must be pulled at or above shoulder length. Loose fitting clothing (long-hanging jewelry, scarves, or ties) are not permitted. Headscarves worn for religious reasons are permitted but must be tucked in securely.
    Identification - Upon your arrival, your tour leader will ask for a government issued photo ID. Please ensure that guest information submitted during sign-up matches the guest ID.
  • Ditch Witch Factory -
    1959 W Fir Perry, OK. Phone: 580-336-4402. Email: Open: tours by appointment only.

Oklahoma Historical Forts and Sites, Famous buildings, Active Federal facilities to tour, Geology: like fossils and volcanic areas


Oklahoma State historic sites and parks

These are state-run parks, museums and historic sites that present the history of some manufacturing process, industry, or living settlement

Oklahoma Seasons, bugs, topography and climate

Elevation map

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Oklahoma's climate ranges from humid subtropical in the east to semi-arid in the west. Warm, moist air moving northward from the Gulf of Mexico often exerts much influence, particularly over the southern and eastern portions of the state, where humidity, cloudiness and precipitation are resultantly greater than in western and northern sections. Summers are long and usually quite hot. Winters are shorter and less severe than those of the more northern Plains states. Periods of extreme cold are infrequent, and those lasting more than a few days are rare.

The following sections highlight some of these variables and associated events.


The mean annual temperature over the state ranges from 62 deg F along the Red River to about 58 deg F along the northern border (Figure 2). It then decreases westward to 56 deg F in Cimarron County.

Temperatures of 90 deg F or greater occur, on average, about 60-65 days per year in the western panhandle and the northeast corner of the state. The average is about 115 days in southwest Oklahoma and about 85 days in the southeast. Temperatures of 100 deg F or higher occur, frequently during some years, from May through September, and very rarely in April and October. t.


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The highest temperature ever recorded in the state was 120°F. This reading was first observed during the brutally hot summer of 1936: at Alva on July 18, at Altus on both July 19 and August 12, and at Poteau on August 10. In addition, Tishomingo observed 120°F on July 26, 1943.


Camping in Oklahoma

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Whether you're a glamper or take a more rustic approach to camping, find your perfect accommodations at one of our 33 state parks. Follow the links below and book your lodge, cabin, RV pad or camping site. And don’t forget your clubs - while you're here go ahead and book a round or three at one of our world class golf courses.

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