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Austria factories to visit and tour

Austria has factories to visit and tour. Below, first are the active, working factories. The next section has historical operations which often have demonstrations or renactments. These incluse both large and small operations, from several person chocolate factories and cheesemakers to large manufacturers making paper towels, wood products, beverage cans and bottles, are open to the public with real tours, exhibitions and fun education.

In some cases, such as a manufacturing process that is no longer in use, the only way to see it and learn about it is a museum or living history center. So, we also provide information about engineering facilities and museums, dinosaur digs, even government facilities, like NASA, astronomy oberservatories and more that are open to the public on certain days and times. And if there is some place that is just plain fun to visit, we add that, too!

These are perfect for homeschooling, for STEM and for fun! Kids love visiting these places! They're learning and getting an education without even realizing it. And most of these are either free or under $10! What's better then fun, entertaining, good for children and families, educational and free?

Here are some of the top factory tours in Austria and contact information and tips about visiting them.

Factories, Engineering, Museums and other fun demonstrations and exhibits to visit in Austria

  1. KTM Factory Tours - motorcycle manufacturer
    KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG, Betriebsgesellschaft, Stallhofnerstra├če 3, 5230 Mattighofen, Austria. Phone: +43 7742 6000-196. Open: see their page. KTM, the Austrian motorcycle manufacturer, offers factory tours at its headquarters in Mattighofen, Austria. These tours provide an inside look at the production of KTM motorcycles.

Austria Historical Forts and Sites, Famous buildings, Active Federal facilities to tour, Geology: like fossils and volcanic areas

These are government-run parks, museums and historic sites that present the history of some manufacturing process, industry, or living settlement



Austria Seasons, bugs, topography and climate

Hot and humid in the summer, cold with icy, slushy snows in the winter.

Camping in Austria

If you're looking to save money on your trip, camping may be a fun alternative to hotels and motels, especially, if you already have the gear, or are looking to get some. BTW, this websites ( ) explains everything you need to know about camping gear and where to the best gear at the lowest prices.